Q. What sizes and styles do you offer?

A. We offer three styles Barn, Gable and Saltbox plus many different sizes ranging from 8x8 up to 16'x28'.

Q. Does it come with a floor?

A. All our sheds come with floors. The sheds sit on 4x4 pressure treated lumber, then we put floor joist on top  plywood sheeting on top of the floor joist.

Q. Is a building permit required?

A. Depends on your location. Please check with your local municipality. We are licensed and insured.

Q. How long after I place an order is it installed?

A. Most installs are completed within 3 weeks.

Q. How do I pay for my shed?

A.  On-site installed sheds require 50% down at time of purchase and balance due upon completion of install.
Q. How level of site do you need to build on.

A. Site prep is very important. We level up to 6" using treated 2x4 and shingles. If site is more than 6" out of level it could possibly delay installation.

Q. Can I get windows, extra doors,lofts put into my shed?

A. Yes, we offer a variety of optional upgrades to enhance your shed.

Q. When is the best time to get a shed?

A. Any time is good time, we build year around.

Q. Do you have experienced installers?

A. Yes, all our installers are trained before they go into the field and we have 20 year Installation specialists.

Q. Is Just A Shed competitive?

A. Yes, We believe we offer the highest quality for the lowest price and with built on site unpainted sheds (designed for you to paint) We consider it to be a turnkey shed.\

Q. Are your sheds built on my site or are they trailored in already built?

A. Our sheds are built on your site piece by piece.You will enjoy watching our installers build right at your home.​

Frequently Asked Questions

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